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Tree Pruning Regulations Council

If you prune a protected tree and you have not asked council for permission first you could land yourself in hot water. The results of which would be a large fine.

Yarra council has what’s known as a tree preservation order (TPO) which has all the rules and regulations on tree trimming for Yarra council district.

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Summary of Yarra council regulations for tree trimming Mooroolbark?

Yarra council do  allow for the trimming of trees without council consent.

Within two (2m) metres of a building.

Not a registered as a significant tree.


Significant Trees which are considered significant must not be removed unless:

- They are dead or dying
- They pose a hazard which cannot be alleviated through means other than removal
- They are causing structural damage to private or public assets which cannot be alleviated throughmeans other than removal

Significant tree register Yarra, Victoria: https://goo.gl/imYDKm

Industrial Zones

There are no tree restrictions for properties in Industrial 1 Zone unless a Heritage Overlay applies.

10/30 rule

The state government's 10/30 right allows you to clear vegetation around your home, without a planning permit, for bushfire protection.

(i) All vegetation, including trees, can be removed within 10 metres of your house (so long as your house was built before Sept 2009, or a permit for its construction was issued before Sept 2009).

(ii) Vegetation (except for trees), can be removed within 30 metres of your house (so long as your house was built before Sept 2009, or a permit for its construction was issued before Sept 2009).

10/30 Fuel Reduction Register Yarra, Victoria: https://goo.gl/b3jqiR

Trees exempt from council regulations

Some local council have what called an exemption list of trees. These are considered a local or national pest and they allow you to prune them without approval. Basically the above rules do not apply and you can prune as you see fit.

We have also listed them below if applicable.

Trees exempt that can be removed without approval:


What does tree pruning Mooroolbark cost?

There are many variables that make up cost of tree trimming. Things like height of tree, spread of branches, obstacles, number of branches being trimmed, access and the list goes on….

To get an idea on what tree pruning might cost, check out our tree pruning cost guide.

Safety standards for accredited tree surgeons for the pruning of amenity trees.

Certified arborist in Mooroolbark and surrounding areas are all well versed on the Australian standards of the pruning of amenity trees.

The standards are outlined here in this document AS 4373:2007 – Pruning of amenity trees

If you go with a contractor that is not a certified tree surgeon with sufficient experience in tree pruning they may end up doing more damage than good.

It is very important that you go about selecting who you hire to prune your tree carefully.

If you don’t, you could end up regretting it with a sub-standard job and your tree looking hacked at.

Go Tree Quotes – Company Philosophy

We are a growing company that aims to provide a quality service that is personal, fair and over-delivers on value and satisfaction.

We want homeowners to be completely satisfied with the job done and the price paid, from a small pruning jobs to a large tree removals. Our aim is to build a repeat and referral business with an unbeatable reputation.

Go Tree Quotes – Best Practices

We are committed to the certified arborists we recommend using the method of ‘BEST PRACTICE’. This is a methodology that is accepted as better to any alternatives for commercial or professional tree removal procedures for results that are superior to those achieved by any other means.

Our expectation of a tree contractors we work is they do everything in their power to uphold these values.

Our commitment to you

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There is no obligation to hire and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all customers.

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Author Biography: Ben McInerney is a certified arborist who has been practicing arboriculture since 2004. Ben ran a successful tree service business in Sydney, NSW for 8 years before selling it to a larger company. He no dedicates his time to teaching homeowners about the benefits of using a certified arborist for tree related work and also helps them find the best local tree company at the best price.

Ben holds a Certificate III in Arboriculture from TAFE NSW.