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Ben McInerney

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CEO, Researcher, Editor
Expertise: Horticulture, Arboriculture
Education: TAFE NSW


My work story begins with a lawn care and garden maintenance business in Sydney’s southwest. While working, I studied Certificate III in Horticulture (Arboriculture) to work exclusively with trees. I started my first business, Busy Bee Mowing and Gardens, at 21 until I found my calling in Arboriculture. After becoming qualified it was a natural progression to sell my mowing run and start Tree Tree Man Arborist Services. Climbing trees for a living is pretty hard work, and after 7 years of running a tree removal service, I wanted something different. Not long after, I founded my first internet business, GoTreeQuotes. I had a lot of knowledge to share on trees, and I noticed that the topic was not covered well or accurately. Plus, I was able to help readers make better decisions when hiring tree surgeons.  


  • Certificate III Horticulture (Arboriculture)

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Can I remove a tree in Canterbury Bankstown Council without a council permit? Yes, but under certain conditions. Under what conditions? Removal of any tree is allowed to be carried out without a permit if; The tree is dead Dangerous A recognised horticultural varieties of trees grown for fruit production; An exempt tree (see list […]

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Can I remove a tree in Casey without a permit? Yes, it is possible to remove a tree in Casey, but they do have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) which states you can only remove trees under certain conditions. Under what conditions? This is the part we have a lot of trouble determining. The council […]

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There are very tight tree protection laws in Sydney that have been outlined by individual councils. This protects significant trees from being removed and allows Sydney to preserve its lush green canopy cover. There are however reasons why trees in Sydney do need to be removed. Sometimes the reasons are obvious such as a fallen […]

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If you are a homeowner with trees in your yard, there will come a time when you’ll need a Perth Arborist to perform any number of tasks for you. Also known as tree surgeons or tree doctors, arborists generally advertise themselves as “tree services in Perth” as the term arborist is not commonly used. What […]

Whats the best time of year for tree removal

Timing tree removal is always a good idea. This is because it typically determines how much one ends up getting charged for the services. It also plays a role in determining the degree to which the removal will affect adjacent plants, shrubs, and vegetation. Generally, winter is the best time of the year to remove […]


Sydney is a beautiful city with hundreds of trees lining the city. Away from the city, you will find a variety of trees planted in homesteads and along roads. The most common trees in Sydney are Bottlebrush White Gum Sydney Golden Wattle Moreton Bay Fig Macadamia Sydney Red Gum Silky Oak Norfolk Pine River Red […]

Australian Arenga Palm

Around 50 species of palm trees are native to Australia. The most common palm trees found in Australia are: The Australian Arenga palm Lawyer Cane Australian Fishtail Curly Palm Coconut palm Palm trees tower over other trees. However, there are some short palm trees. Thanks to their height, palm trees are good windbreakers and help […]

Certified arborist Adelaide

If you own a property with large trees on it, sooner or later, you will need a tree expert’s assistance to carry out pruning or removal. You can hire a local Adelaide gardener to do the job, but they are not horticulturalists, nor have they been trained in properly caring for trees. Hiring a certified […]

When To Trim A Hedge 2023 Guide

The best time to trim a hedge actually depends on the type of hedging plant you have. How it should be trimmed will depend on it too, plus the style of your garden. Trimming hedges are ideal during the spring to summer. This is when you see the most growth and when they need to […]

Tree services vary depending on what you need to be done, but the top ones are: Tree removal Tree Trimming Stump removal Arborist report Tree Inspection Tree Removal This involves the complete extraction of a tree from your property. Depending on the location on your property and the size of the tree the cost of […]

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