Arborists in Adelaide can provide a number of services, such as tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding, being among the most popular.

The average tree removal cost in Adelaide is $1,290, while the average for tree trimming is $740. You can get an arborist report for a single tree for $550.

Adelaide arborists engage in several services, so it depends on the service they provide. Services include:

  • Arborists reports
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning
  • Identifying and treating pests and diseases
  • Dead-wooding
  • Stump removal
  • Urban tree management

Below is a breakdown of high and low estimates you can expect when using a certified arborist in Adelaide.

Tree Pruning$240$1,120
Tree Removal$850$4,250
Stump Removal$150$600
Arborist Report$450$550

How much does it cost to remove a tree in Adelaide?

Tree removal in Adelaide is one of the most common services, so we will give you a few more details on the price. The cost of removing a tree will depend on several factors such as:

  • Tree size
  • Access to the tree
  • Species
  • Obstacles around the tree

With the below pricing we are going to assume to the tree has good access, such as a front yard and there are no obstacles around them.

Tree SizeLowHigh
Monster$4,500$8,000 +

Do I need a permit to remove a tree in Adelaide?

There are about a dozen different council areas in Adelaide, each with its own tree removal laws. Select your local council area below for more details on tree removal laws.

In General, Adelaide is quite lenient compared to other states when it comes to tree pruning and removal. As long as the tree is not heritage or protected, in most cases you will be able to do work on it.

But again, it will depend on where you live, so please see more details here:

Tree Removal Regulations by Council

tree surgeon at work act

How can I save money on Adelaide arborists?

Here are the top 3 ways to save money on hiring a qualified arborist;

#1. Skip page 1 of Google

This sounds a little silly, but hear me out. Tree services in Adelaide have different ways of running their business.

Some companies spend big on advertising and cherry-pick cream jobs.

While others just plug along taking on and winning most of the work that comes their way.

google page 2

A company does not show up on page one of Google by accident. They are spending big on marketing, they will normally have a much higher price as they need to pass on those large marketing costs to the customer.

Pro Tip: Go to pages 2 and 3 of Google search for better-priced companies. The same goes for true local and yellow pages.

#2. Hiring a Gardener for smaller jobs

If your tree is smaller than 5m (Single story home) then a local gardener will do an equivalent job for about half the price.

Professional Arborists in Adelaide prefer larger jobs. As they have huge overheads with insurance and equipment, they don’t really have time for small trims or removal.

If they do come out to do the job, they will always charge more than a gardener.

arborist 95211.vs .gardner

#3. Hire in winter

The demand for landscapers, lawn care, and arborist services drops right off in winter.

With demand low and supply high, you stand to save 25% on average off the price of tree service.

Because there is so little work going around, local qualified Arborists try to out-bid each other to win your work.

If it can wait until winter, you will save!

tree removalist spring winter comparison

#4 Use this FREE service

GoTreeQuotes (this website) is a FREE service that matches Adelaide residents with the best-priced local arborist.

We work on a voting system with previous users voting on the best price and quality of service arborists.

Based on those votes, we send your tree details to three companies for quotes.

There is no obligation to hire, and it’s a free service, so you have nothing to lose.

Go to the form at the top of the page and start by entering your postcode and a few details about your tree job.

google search2

Are all tree surgeons in Adelaide all the same?

There is no doubt that getting tree pruning or removal from unqualified professionals can look like an attractive offer because in general, they are going to be cheaper than your qualified professional.

Why I hear you ask?

When you get professional arborists to remove a tree in Adelaide, it will cost you more because they have greater overheads.

Public liability insurance alone is high enough to make your head spin, but they also fork out workers’ compensation insurance (9% on top of wages), specialist equipment that ranges from 50k – 100k, and not to mention the years they spend studying Arboriculture.

So the reward of hiring someone unqualified, you will save money… but what’s the risk?

compare tree services adelaide

What the risk not hiring an arborist?

Tree pruning and removal is dangerous work. You have a climber swinging from a rope and harnessing 50 feet up in the air with a chainsaw in his hand as he dismantles the 2-4 ton tree.

All that while trying to bring down each 100kg + piece safely one by one without injuring himself, his crew, or your property…

…but just how dangerous is it?

It’s in the top 10 most dangerous professions, but if you look at the injury or death figures per 1000 workers it is 3 times deadlier than mining. (Mining being the DEADLIEST industry in Australia)

Adelaide arborist climbing a jacaranda tree before removal
brw logo web100
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yahoo web140
cdbms logo web175

Cost Calculator for Tree Lopping


How else can I reduce costs? (Bonus)

I’m glad you asked.

If you are still reading, here are a few more bonus tips on how to save.

#5. Access

A tree in a backyard with poor access can double to cost of tree removal.

By granting better access like removing a panel of fencing or doing anything possible to allow heavy machinery as close to the tree as possible will increase the tree removal time and reduce costs.

#6. Fire sale

If it’s a large hardwood tree like a Eucalyptus, you can get the contractor cut the tree up into firewood size logs. That way you can take a picture of the “firewood” and sell it on eBay or Gumtree.

#7. Free palm waste removal

Palm trees cannot be mulched because of their highly acidic sap, so they are dumped as general waste.

Waste disposal is expensive and doubles the cost of removal.

If you need a palm tree removed in Adelaide, ask them to leave the tree cut up on the nature strip.

Every resident is entitled to a free clean-up each year. So call your local council and get them to foot the bill for the removal and disposal of the tree. All your arborist needs to do is take the tree down.


A level 5 arborist has further studies in arboriculture and has gained a Diploma. Most working arborists who perform tree trimming and removal are level 3 arborists. A level 5 arborist has continued studies to be able to do arborist reports. They are trained in identifying pests and diseases, fungus and acute safety issues. If you need an arborist report you will need to contract a Level 5 arborist to do the report in Sydney.

An Arborist report is a document prepared by an arborist giving an overview of the trees health and safety. Reports are normally requested by the city if a resident wants to remove a protected tree. The city arborist will seek an unbiased second opinion about the Safe and Useful Life Expectancy (SULE report) of the tree and their recommendation for retention or removal.

If your tree is protected by your local Tree Preservation Order (go here to see your local TPO), then your local council might ask you to get a report from an independent arborist. The arborist will make up a detailed report on the health, safety and their recommendation for the tree moving forward.

I would not go out and get an arborist report unless prompted to do so by the council first. So make your tree removal application to the council. If they knock it back or ask for a report, then contract an arborist to do so.

An arborist report will cost on average about $450 for a single tree. If you have multiple trees that need reporting on you will the price will increase by about $50 – $100 per tree. Arborist reports for DA approval are also more involved and will cost a little more.

This will depend on what you are using the arborist for. If it is for tree trimming or removal then a level 3 arborist is perfect. If it is for an arborist report it will depend on the council. If they do not specifically stipulate they a level 5 arborist is required, you can go with a level 3. These days most councils are asking for level 5 arborists for all of their reports.

No. A council will only ask for an arborist report for a second opinion. The council arborist will have his own idea on what needs to be done and the recommendation of an independent arborist will go a long way to away their decision, but the final say is with the council.

Yes. Tree surgeon or tree doctor is just another name for an arborist. The word arborist comes from the word Arboriculture which is the course they study to become an arborist.

Arborists don’t really charge by the hour but by the job. This is actually good news for you as they take on all the risk. If they charged by the hour, it’s quite easy for the job to take longer than expected. If you were paying by the hour it would cost you more.

Tree removal and trimming jobs are quoted after a tree has been inspected and the price includes all works from start to finish.

Author: Ben McInerney is a qualified arborist with over 15 years of industry experience. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the tree service industry to give readers to most accurate information on tree service costs and helps to educate them about the benefits of using a certified arborist for tree trimming and removal work.