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Safety is Our Top Priority

Safety is the top priority for Go Tree Quotes when we send our arborists to complete a tree trimming or removal job. No two worksites are the same. Each must be assessed independently using a worksite safety plan.

The arborists as Go Tree Quotes follow our Safe Work Methods to ensure a smooth and safe job done right. All arborist on site are fully trained in the correct and safe operation of all machines and equipment such as chainsaws, climbing rops and harnesses, wood chipper and stump grinding machines.

A pre-work risk assessment is carried out prior to every job to ensure the crew and client will be sae and the job executed correctly.

All independent arborists on site will be insured with a minimum of 10 million in public liability insurance which is now an industry standard.

Helmets, harnesses, steel-toe shoes, gloves, safety glasses, and high-visibility vests are just some of our arborists’ personal protective equipment (PPE). These protect from minor and major injuries but are our last defense line. Our first line of defense is our training, experience, careful job planning and the safety measures and controls to mitigate risks. These mitigation strategies are used in order to try eliminate risk. PPE comes in as a backup to those mitigation steps.

Go Tree Quotes will only recommend qualified, experienced, and fully insured arborists to attend your site for quoting.

Ben McInerney safely removing a sydney red gum
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