The cost to trim a palm tree varies by the tree size and species.

The average cost of palm trimming is $155 for a single tree. For large date palms, it will cost closer to $560.

Below we break down the price by palm type, size and city you live.

The below prices are an accurate estimate for trimming a single palm tree. Groups of 3 or more will be at a discounted price. The below prices do not include the trimming cost of a Canary Island Date palm. Please see palm trimming cost by species for Date palm prices.

Small palm : 1 Story High.
Cost : $95 – $225

Using a tree service for a palm tree this small is your last option. I would try and get a gardener to do it first. They will be half the price listed above. Anything larger than one story high, will need to be managed by an arborist.

The variance in price will account for how many dead branches and seed pods need to be removed.

Medium palm : 1 – 2 Stories High.
Cost : $125 – $350

Australian Cabbage palms or Phoneix palms are much more work than your average cocos palm. They can get ten years’ worth of frond build-up and cost more to trim.

Large palm : 3 Stories + High.
Cost : $250 – $790

A palm this size will likely be a Cabbage or phoenix palm. These palms tend to get a large build-up of dead leaves which can be costly to trim.

Palm trimming cost by species

The best way to price these trees is to give a price on 1 – 1.5 stories high tree with 1 – 2 years of growth that needs trimming.

Cocos palm$125$195
Cabbage palm$155$250
Phoneix palm$155$290
Alexander palm$75$145
Golden Cane palm$65$145
Canary Island Date Palm$275$650
Average cost$185

Palm pruning cost by city

The cost to prune palm trees does vary by city. This is because the cost of living in Sydney is more expensive than in Canberra, for example. This has a bearing on what tree companies will charge for their services.

Another factor is dumping fees. Palm trees can not be turned into mulch for gardens due to their high acid sap, it needs to be disposed of at the local waste management facility. This plays a part in the cost of trimming by city.

The below prices are based on a 1 – 1.5 story high palm tree.

  • Sydney – Sydney is probably the most expensive place to trim a palm tree with very expensive dumping fees. Expect to pay $125 – 175 per palm trim.
  • Melbourne – The cost to trim a palm tree in Melbourne is much like Sydney, with the average range being $112 – $145
  • Adelaide – Adelaide palm trimming prices are a little more reasonable, with the average being around $95 per tree.
  • Brisbane – Brisbane has a lot of palm trimming work, so you are more likely to get a good deal. The average cost is $97 – $124
  • Perth – Perth and Adelaide have similar palm trimming prices, with the average being $92 in Perth.
  • Canberra – The average cost to trim a palm tree in Canberra is $92, which is the cheapest of all the cities.
  • Central Coast – The central cost in NSW is not too dis-similar to Sydney prices with the average cost of palm trimming ranging from $122 – $163
  • Gold Coast – The gold coast probably has more palm trees per capita than any other city. The average cost to trim a palm tree on the Gold coast is $102.

How often do palm trees need to be trimmed?

The frequency you have your palm tree trimmed will depend on your type of palm tree and your tolerance for the mess in the yard. Palm trees grow messy seed pods yearly, so it is ideal to have them trimmed before they open.

Ideally, you should have your palm tree trimmed once yearly, but every two years is also fine.

What is the best time of year to prune a palm tree?

The best time of year to trim your palm tree is in spring when the tree begins to come into flower and before seeds are formed. Any later, and you risk having a large mess to clean up.

There is nothing wrong with trimming your palm tree at any time of year. It is cheaper to trim a palm tree in winter than in spring or summer. This is because tree service work is seasonal, and winter is the off-season. Getting a quote in winter is generally cheaper than in the high season of spring and summer.

Author: Ben McInerney is a qualified arborist with over 15 years of industry experience. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the tree service industry to give readers to most accurate information on tree service costs and helps to educate them about the benefits of using a certified arborist for tree trimming and removal work.