Tree removal in Perth WA can be expensive. Last year, the average tree lopping cost was $1,290, with the real range more like $830 to $3,668.

The cost does not just depend on the tree size, access, time of year and which tree service you get prices off have a huge bearing.

Follow a few simple steps below, and you’ll be able to get the work done for far less.

What most people do is either do an internet search or look in the local paper for a local tree specialist.

They choose three random companies and call them up and invite them out to quote the job.

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Once you have your obligation-free quote(s), they will choose the cheapest one and book the successful tree surgeon.

Problem: Companies at the top of the search results are spending lots of money to be seen first. Because they spend so much marketing to be at the top of the yellow page, Google, True Local and Yelp, they also need to charge more and pass those costs onto the customer.

Saving Trick #1: Go to pages 2 and 3 of Google results. These companies are just as good as the ones on page 1 but don’t spend so much on marketing. They will give a cheaper price.

What should tree lopping in Perth cost?

Tree removal in Perth costs $350 – $3900. The average citywide price is $1670. (2021 average) including tree stump grinding. You will typically pay $200 – $390 separately for stump removal depending on the size of the stump.

As you can see the price is pretty broad. Trees come in all shapes and sizes and no one tree lopping job is the same.

The above price should give you an idea though. For more cost information on Perth tree lopping, take a look at the comprehensive tree lopping cost guide here where we look at cost by tree height, access, and location on the property.

Pricing tree pruning or removal in Perth isn’t something you can do over the phone or with a picture. It can be even more challenging trying to price your job in an article without even seeing the tree in question. We do give you a pretty good ballpark figure to go off though.

But at the end of the day, you will need to bite the bullet at some point and get professional tree services out to view the job and give a firm price.

There is just no other way to go about it.

tree removal perth hills WA
National Average Tree Removal$871
Perth Average Tree Removal$1,250
Small trees$590
Medium trees$1,250
Large trees$2,050
X-Large trees$4,300

When is tree removal cheap

Outdoor services like lawn care, landscaping and tree lopping are all seasonal. There is a lot less work on in the cooler months than in spring and summer.

The reason is fewer people are in their yards, entertaining and even thinking about these types of services.

Supply and demand: When there is more demand than the supply of tree service can keep up with, they will charge higher prices. This is normally done when they have 3 – 4 weeks’ worth of work booked in advance. They literally don’t need your work so will start naming their price.

Saving trick #2: Hire in the winter months. When there is little work on, the supply/demand paradigm shifts in your favor with tree services short on work they are falling over each other to win your tree work. Prices always fall. Just like booking a hotel in the offseason, you can expect to save 20% minimum.

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Can I hire a handyman or gardener instead?

Tree lopping in Perth a qualified arborist if the tree is taller than 5m. Tasks like tree pruning, stump grinding, tree felling or removal are all tasks that a gardener might attempt, but with limited success. Tree specialists are qualified arborists that have the training and experience to deal with trees at height, in confined space and with obstacles. I suggest you give us a call or call a local tree specialist in Perth if it’s more than just trimming a fruit tree or shaping a hedge.


The cost to cut down and remove a tree in Perth will depend largely on the size of the tree and its location on your property. The average cost of tree removal in Perth is $1,250, but the real range is between $250 and $4,300. You are best getting some prices from local tree services or having a look at our in-depth cost guide here.

This will depend on what council you live under and the tree removal laws that apply. Most states have laws that allow you to remove trees that are in high-risk fire zones. Please refer to this guide to see if this applies to you. Also, you will need to look at your local council laws. Permits might be required before any tree removal takes place.

Insurance companies will cover the cost of tree removal if the tree came down in a storm or any other act of nature. They will pay the tree lopper to do the work. They will not cover the removal of a healthy just because you want to cut it down. They will also not cover the removal of a dead tree (died years ago) that finally fell after years of neglect.

If your tree is protected due to its size or if you live in one of the state’s vegetation protection overlays then you will need to apply for a council permit to remove the tree. To know whether your tree is protected, please refer to your local council’s Tree Preservation Order for more information. Tree trimming might not be required if you are removing dead or broken branches.

This happens quite a lot so you are not alone. The best way to avoid this is to get your story straight If you are applying to remove the tree because it “drops too many leaves”, then you can forget about getting approval. But if the tree is “endangering lives” then you have a better chance of getting approval. If approval is still denied, you can get the opinion of an arborist who will write up an arborist report that you can submit with your second application.

If the tree is on your property, then you are responsible for the pruning work. If the tree is on council land you can ask them to trim it. But only if it is encroaching on your land or blocking light to solar panels.

Author: Ben McInerney is a qualified arborist with over 15 years of industry experience. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the tree service industry to give readers to most accurate information on tree service costs and helps to educate them about the benefits of using a certified arborist for tree trimming and removal work.