Tree removal on the Central Coast varies depending on the tree size, tree type, location on your property, and access to the tree.

The average cost of tree removal on the Coast so far this year is $1,239. Prices can start from as little as $342 and go up to $4,300.

It will cost extra for a stump to be removed, but removing it at the same time as the tree is more cost-effective.

Task cost central coastLowHighAverage
Tree Removal$342$3,950$1,239
Tree Trimming$75$1,200$423
Arborist Reports$350$550$450
Stump Removal$50$550$175
Palm Trimming$50$375$95
Palm Removal$250$2,400$390

Palm trees start at $250 for a 4 – 6m Cocos palm removal and can go up to $2,400 for a massive Canary Island date palm.

For a more detailed look at tree removal prices, check out our Palm Tree Removal Cost Guide.

As every job is different, for a spot-on price, you will need to get a quote from a few local contractors on the cost of Central Coast tree removal.

Average tree removal cost central coast

Before we get into it, I need to point out that the best way to save money is avoiding fines for unlawful tree removal in Central Coast NSW.

You need to make sure you are removing a tree within the local council guidelines. At the bottom of the page, we have outlined the rules for each of the Central Coast councils.

Click here to go directly to council regulations here.

Tree Loppers & Cowboys on the Central Coast

Most think that if you look in the local paper or search Google for “tree removal services Central Coast”, you will be presented with companies who are all certified arborists, experienced and insured.

You can certainly expect that with plumbing or electrical, but unfortunately not with tree removal Central Coast.

There is a dark underbelly of shonky tradesmen on the coast, passing themselves off as qualified professional arborists and hacking down trees.

What you MUST know before hiring

There have been some horror stories of late with local cowboys falling from large trees, dropping trees onto homes and everything in between.

The biggest risk is not actually to your house from mechanical damage, but the liability you take on when employing someone who is not fully insured.

True arborists on the Central Coast come with a minimum of 10 million in public liability insurance (industry standard) to protect you and the workers in case something goes wrong.

You are literally 100 x less likely to have issues with a qualified arborist than you are with a local cowboy with a chainsaw.

insuance papers

The 5 minute background check

The best way to go about this is to do the following check.

Go to ABN Lookup and make sure they are a real company. Just search for their company name or ABN number and you will see when they were registered (which gives you insight into their experience) and if they have ever closed up shop in the past or had a name change.

1: Knowledge

This is going to be easy to spot. Arborist study for years at TAFE and love to show off their knowledge of trees. When they arrive, they should be able to rattle off the type of tree you have (in some cases the Latin name) and any structural faults you may have.

They will also know exactly how they will take the tree/ branches down and be happy to explain it.

Note: If that this point they start mentioning ladders then that’s a red flag. Move on!

2: Experience

The last thing you want from a tree service on the Central Coast is one that is fresh out of TAFE and is looking to “practice” on your tree.

Do a quick background check on their business and make sure they have been operating longer than 5 years.

You can do this by searching for their company name in ANB lookup.

3: Papers

When a company comes out of the quote, they should give you 2 things without you even having to ask. They are their qualifications and their public liability insurance.

If they cannot produce it on the spot, or email it when they send through the quote, then that is another big red flag. Keep looking.

arboriculture certificate 3 central coast

5 Ways to save Hundreds on Tree Removal

I have put together a detailed article on 5 tricks to save money on tree removal that is well worth a read. Or you can watch the video here:

saving money on tree removal video cover

Trick to saving BIG money

If you have watched the above video you will have learnt some actionable steps to take before and during and after your tree removal on the Central Coast, that will save and or recoup hundreds of dollars.

But the biggest tip is to get the best and cheapest local companies to quote the job in the first place.

When you think about it, if you are just getting the 3 first companies you see in the paper or online to quote your job, you are taking a stab in the dark at whether they are well priced or not.

If you found them first, well that.s not by accident, they are probably paying a LOT of money to appear at the top of Google results in the local paper.
The get a better idea of the price, please visit our tree removal cost guide.

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Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

The central coast council have a long list of rules and regulations when it comes to tree maintenance, tree pruning, land clearing or any other tree services on the central coast.

You will first need to make sure it is legal to remove or prune a tree before you go ahead.

Some tree services are exempt from needing a permit such as dead tree removal and stump grinding. Any works on healthy trees will most likely need a permit.

Are quotes free?

Central Coast arborists all provide free quotes. If you come across a company that wants to charge a call-out fee just to view the job, you need to cancel the appointment and keep looking.

What tasks can a certified arborist provide?

Tree removal services a.k.a “tree loppers” provide a long list of tree services including:

  • Tree removals
  • Tree pruning
  • Palm tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree stump removal
  • Tree maintenance and management

Is stump removal included in the price of tree removal?

Central coast tree services all have their own way of pricing jobs. In most cases, stump removal is quoted as a separate job, but you can ask for it to be included in the price of removal. The whole process is a little different and requires the team to use a specialised machine and grinds the stump below ground.

Final word

When hiring tree services on the central coast to carry out work in your yard or garden, you need to be careful with who you hire. Some companies have different ethics when it comes to the environment.

You want Central Coast tree services to take great care with your job, doing everything in an efficient way with the yard and garden left clean and tidy.

Whether it is a large tree needing crane work, a palm tree needing pruning or stump grinding, any tree service on the central coast worth thor salt would be able to arrive on time to the quote, provide a detailed quote along with their arboriculture certificate and insurance papers. They should also be able to explain in great detail how they plan on doing the job.


Pine trees come in different shapes and sizes. For the sake of this question, we are going to look at a 15m. Norfolk Island Pine. A 15m pine will cost you about $1,780 depending on the access to the tree and its location on your property. Trees that can be felled from the base are a lot cheaper than trees that need a climber or a cherry picker to remove.

If the tree is on your property and it falls, then it is your responsibility. If the tree is on your neighbour’s property and falls through the fence onto your property the neighbour is responsible. In both cases, your insurance company will cover the cost of tree removal and any repairs that need to be done.

Note: If the tree falls in a storm, you are covered. If the tree falls because it has been dead for 10 years and you neglected to do anything about it, the insurance company most likely will not come to the party.

Tree removal should always include the removal of all waste. Tree services will arrive at your home with a mulching machine ready to turn the tree into a woodchip on-site and shoot it straight into the back of their truck. You can negotiate a better price if you decide to keep the trees timber and use it for an open fireplace. If you do not discuss this during the quoting process you will be priced for removal of all waste by default.

Most of the time yes, but you will need to check with the tree service who is quoting your job. If the price does include stump removal, make sure they indicate that on their written quote.

It all depends on what the arborist is doing. An arborist carries out tasks like tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and arborist reports. There is no hourly rate or the exact price I can quote you. The average price for tree removal is $871, while the average price for tree trimming on the coast is $425. Arborist reports are normally $450.

They are more or less the same. The word felling refers to cutting a tree from the base, where are tree removal is just taking down the tree any which way you can. If you can fell the tree great! If not, you will need to climb it and take it down piece by piece.

The average cost of tree trimming is $425, but the range is from $50 for palm pruning, right up to $1,200 for large gum tree trimming. For more price guides please check out our tree pruning cost guide here.

The cost of running a tree removal business is quite expensive. From 100k + of heavy equipment, $200 per day wages per worker, insurance, climbers wages of $400 per day or more, everything adds up pretty quick. Because of the overheads of running a tree business, the cost to remove trees is quite high.

In most cases yes, tree removal is cheaper in winter because the demand for tree services is lower. With low demand and plenty of supply, the tree services have to compete and charge lower prices to see themselves through to the next spring.

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Author: Ben McInerney is a qualified arborist with over 15 years of industry experience. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the tree service industry to give readers to most accurate information on tree service costs and helps to educate them about the benefits of using a certified arborist for tree trimming and removal work.