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Editorital Process and Policies

GoTreeQuotes is dedicated to providing reliable, engaging, and impartial tree care content. . We work with experts in arboriculture, horticulture and landscaping to ensuring our content is accuracy, thoroughly researched, and upholds the highest journalistic integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help 1 million Australians each year with accurate and professional advice on tree care and to help match them with top-voted local tree services.

We intend to fulfil this mission by writing comprehensive articles covering a wide range of topics, including tree care and management, while also offering various avenues to match users with a local tree service.

Content Standards

Accuracy and Reliability: Content is reviewed by arboriculture and horticultural experts, with data and statistics verified against reputable sources.

Relevance: Actionable content tailored for the everyday user with basic guides and also in-depth industry analyses for people who are interested.

Independence and Objectivity: Editorial independence guarantees unbiased information, including honest product and service reviews.

Ethical Guidelines

Transparency in Reporting: Our commitment is absolute clarity regarding our sources and the experts we consult. This ensures the information you receive is both reliable and transparent.

Upholding Privacy: We rigorously adhere to privacy legislation and the principles of user consent. Please refer to our privacy policy and user agreement documents for a detailed understanding.

Embracing Diversity: Our content mirrors the varied viewpoints within the global tree service sector, representing a broad spectrum of opinions.

Community Engagement

Encouraging Reader Participation: Feedback from our readers is highly valued. We invite comments and suggestions on our content to continually enhance the reader experience.

Compliance with Legal and Environmental Norms: Our content strictly follows environmental and legal guidelines pertinent to tree care, including protection, removal, and pruning. This commitment ensures our information remains both accurate and lawful.

Respect for Intellectual Property: We diligently attribute all external content, including images, infographics, and quotations, to our commitment to intellectual honesty and respect for others’ intellectual property rights.

Editorial Process

Choosing Relevant Topics: Topics are chosen based on their relevance to tree care, popular discussions in forums, or in response to specific queries from our social media community.

In-Depth Research: Our research encompasses a wide range of trustworthy sources, both digital and in traditional print.

Expert Writing and Review: Every article is either penned or meticulously reviewed by a certified arborist, with Ben McInerney playing a key role in this process.

Regular Updates and Monitoring: Articles are periodically reviewed for continued relevance. We ensure our content reflects the latest in cost changes and legislative updates, maintaining accuracy and timeliness.

Open to Feedback and Improvement: We actively seek and welcome customer feedback on our articles and remain open to updates based on new insights and information.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions or feedback about our editorial guidelines or content, please reach out to us at


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