Finding a quality arborist in Canberra who is al well priced can be a minefield.  You need a professional who is qualified in Arboriculture and understands the Australian standards for maintaining trees.

Before going into the steps to find and hire a great arborist in Canberra, I suggest you learn the typical price range of arborists for certain tasks in Canberra, so you know when you are being ripped off.

Below we break down the average prices for each task.

The cost of an arborist in Canberra will depend on the work being done. Arborists in Canberra can perform the following:

  • Tree removal 
  • Tree trimming
  • Stump removal
  • Arborist reports
  • Tree risk assessments

Below is a table outlining the cost of an arborist based on the above tasks.

Arborist report$450$610
Tree trimming$245$1,250
Tree Removal$1,200$2,410
Stump Grinding$245$420

What do arborist reports cost?

The average price for an arborist report in Canberra is $450 for a single tree. This price may vary for multiple trees or reports for development applications.

Please bear in mind you will need the report written by a level 5 arborist/ diploma graduate. These can not be obtained by your run of the mill arborists. You will need to do a search for a “consulting arborist” in your area.

Top voted arborists in Canberra

We ensure that any contractor recommended by us is qualified with a minimum of a Certificate III in Arboriculture, and carries 10 million in public liability. This ensures they have the right skills and knowledge behind them to safely treat or remove your tree.
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What Go Tree Quotes Does for You

At Go Tree Quotes, we take care of the research phase of finding the best contractors in your area. There are plenty of people willing to remove your tree, but their skill level and knowledge vary greatly.

There have been too many horror stories of things going wrong, where someone’s property is damaged or the workers themselves are injured on your property, which opens you up for litigation if they do not carry the correct insurance. By finding an expert for tree removal in Canberra with Go Tree Quotes, you can avoid all of this.

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Cost Calculator for Tree Lopping


Do I need a Permit to remove a tree in the ACT?

Some trees in the ACT are protected by the Tree Preservation Order in Canberra. This means larger trees over a certain height and trunk diameter will need a permit before you remove them. Please go here for a summary of the rules.

If your tree is protected you will need to apply for a permit to remove and provide a reason for removal.

My tree is dropping too many leaves is not a good enough excuse to get approved. The tree will need to be dying or dangerous for the council to give the go-ahead. Check out more good reasons for tree removal here.


This will depend on what you are wanting from the arborist. If you need a report, then they will need to come out and inspect the tree, take photos and begin formulating a plan for their report. At this point though, you would have committed to paying for the report. If you need your tree removed and your tree does not need a report, a level 3 arborist will come out to inspect the tree before giving a firm price.

Yes. Tree doctor and tree surgeon are both used to describe arborists. The term “tree surgeon” is used quite a lot in the UK where “tree doctor” is used more in America. In Australia, we tend to use the correct term which is an arborist.

Just because you get an arborist report, does not mean you will like the arborist’s findings. Arborists do not recommend the removal of all trees they inspect. So if your desired result is to have the tree removed, but the tree is healthy, then you might be wasting your time by getting a report.

That being said you are not a trained professional and there will be things an arborist can see that you cannot. These could all lean in your favour for a removal recommendation.

Yes. Tree doctor and tree surgeon are both used to describe arborists. Tree Lopper is also a common term, but it’s a bit like calling a chef a “cook”…. they don’t like it too much.

This will all depend on what services you require of the arborist. If it is a removal it will cost a lot more than just a tree trim. You can see tree removal costs and trimming here.

Arborists do not charge by the hour but rather by the job. The average tree removal by an arborist is $1,100. The real range for tree removal is $250 and $4,300. It all depends on the size of the tree being removed.

You will need to get quotes from local arborists to know exactly what your tree removal or trim will cost you as there is no standard price.

When you get an arborist report, you don’t have to submit it to Council. You can actually get another opinion from another arborist. You will need to pay for a second report, but they could see some things that the first arborist did not. In theory, you can get as many reports from different arborists as you like and just submit the one that has a recommendation for removal.

Author: Ben McInerney is a qualified arborist with over 15 years of industry experience. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the tree service industry to give readers to most accurate information on tree service costs and helps to educate them about the benefits of using a certified arborist for tree trimming and removal work.