It is illegal to remove trees without obtaining a permit from your council in Australia. Permits are required to cut trees even if they belong to you and there are hefty fines for disobedience. Read on to find out how to obtain a tree removal permit and the cost.

Tree Removal Permits are processed at the council level either online or physically. You can obtain a tree removal permit application form from the relevant department or online portal in all 537 councils of Australia. Local tree removal companies can help with permit applications.

How to Apply for A Tree Removal Permit- Step by Step​

While each council in Australia has its processes and requirements, the following is a general guide to tree removal permit applications:

Step 1-Identify and Assess the Tree (S) To Be Removed

The first and obvious step even before you think about obtaining a tree removal permit is to identify the trees you need to be removed. This is important because you will need to provide detailed information about the tree (s) in your application for approval. Some of the things you should know or record for the application include:

Species of The Tree(S)

Your request may be rejected if the tree or trees to be removed are endangered, regulated, or protected under local or federal laws. You’ll need to provide additional information to have your application approved.

Tip: You can access detailed information about council tree protection laws on GoTreeQuotes. Find your council from the list and read what the law says about tree removal in your location.

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