A tree removalist is a certified expert who specialises in the trimming or complete removal of trees in suburbia.

Otherwise known as an ‘arborist’, tree removalists can charge hefty prices for this highly dangerous job, so it can be hard to land a bargain.

By following just some of the advice below you will save hundreds on your next tree prune or removal.

1. Get your tree removed in winter

Tree removal is a seasonal thing that tends to pick up the most in the warmer months and die right down in the winter months (especially towards the end of winter after holidays). Like all service-based small businesses, tree removal prices fluctuate depending on how much work they have on.

If they are booked out in advance, they tend to quote higher prices. The opposite is true when they have little on in the winter months.

Look at the Google trends chart below. You can see what I mean.

tree removalist spring winter comparison

2. Don’t get 3 prices/ quotes from any old company

If you found 3 tree services in the local paper or at the top of the search results in Google, then you will probably pay more! Why?

Because companies pay a lot of money to be easily found and guess who picks up the marketing bill… you!

By digging a little deeper and trying to find companies who are well regarded and have great reviews on page 2 or 3 of the search results will (not always but generally) get you 3 cheaper prices.

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3. Sell the timber online for firewood

If you have a large tree with plenty of timber, ask the tree removalist to cut it up into 30cm logs. That way they are not spending extra time loading all the timber by hand, so it costs you less.

The kicker is you just need to take a photo and upload it to eBay or gumtree as an auction. Once sold the buyer is always more than happy to come and pick the timber up.

Not only are you saving money on the takedown of the tree, but also you are recouping money when you sell the timber. It’s a win, win.

firewood sign fence

4. Tree Removalist Adelaide SA

One of the fastest-growing cities when it comes to tree work in Adelaide. The reasons are mixed, but from what most can tell is they are such a fast-growing and expanding city, that the demand for tree removalists Adelaide within established neighbourhoods as well as the growing demand for land clearing to make way for new estates.

Adelaide Hills is at the top of the pile when it comes to the number of trees being removed, most likely because of homeowners clearing trees and undergrowth each year in preparation for fire season.

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