Parramatta Council has strict laws governing the trimming and removal of trees. Below I have outlined the core regulations so you can see at a glance whether you need a permit to cut down your tree.

If any tree falls outside these regulations or is an exempt species you may remove it without approval.

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In some cases, you will need to get council approval before removing a tree in Parramatta Sydney, but there are a lot of exemptions that I will go through.

Rather than listing everything you can remove, I will give you the breakdown of what you cannot remove, so everything else is open game.

If your tree falls outside these rules, then you are safe to remove it.

parramatta council tree removal laws and permit

Protected trees

The following trees cannot be removed without first seeking Council approval;

  1. The tree has a height of 5m or more.
  2. Is on mangrove vegetation located on public land, irrespective of size.
  3. Forms part of a heritage item, or that is within a heritage conservation area.
  4. Forms part of an Aboriginal object, or that is within an Aboriginal place of heritage significance.
  5. Is listed on the NSW Heritage Register.

You can get more information from the Parramatta Council Development Control Plan (DCP) or by reading the Tree preservation order for the Parramatta region.

In most cases, you will be looking to remove a tree on your property, so basically, if the tree is smaller than 5m in height, you should be fine to remove the tree.

What about dead trees?

The above list of rules is related to living trees. Once a tree dies it becomes a safety hazard and it is recommended you remove it ASAP. You will not need to see council approval for this.

I do however advise you to document the tree by taking photos just in cases the council comes knocking a year or two down the track. Councils use aerial photos to see if trees have been removed up to 3 years after the fact.

Tree removal exemption list

Parramatta Council would like to remove invasive or noxious species of trees from the region. They have listed trees (below) that are considered a pest and can be removed without council permission.

No matter the height or size, these trees are not protected so you may remove them without approval.

Common name

Green Wattle

Golden Wreath Wattle


Cootamundra wattle

Coral Tree



Box Elder

Large Leafed Privot

Cocos Palm

Small Leaved Privet

African olive

Norfolk Island Hibiscus

Crested Wattle

Honey Locust

Evergreen Alder

Tree of Heaven



White Cedar


White / Silver Poplar

Black Poplar

Lombardy Poplar


Black Locust

Weeping willow

Tortured Willow

How to apply for a tree removal permit

The application for a permit to remove a tree in Parramatta, you will need to either fill out the online application form here or download the form (below) and submit it in person at the Councils Customer Contact Centre.

Download: Tree removal permit application PDF

Go to the above online form and fill it out to make a formal request for tree removal approval.

Fines for illegal removal in Parramatta

Fines for illegal tree removal in Parramatta vary but go right up to $10,000 per tree. The size of the fine would depend on the tree species, location, and size, and the discretion of the council.

Parramatta Council contact details

Phone: 1300617058

Mailing Address: PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124


Author: Ben McInerney is a qualified arborist with over 15 years of industry experience. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the tree service industry to give readers to most accurate information on tree service costs and helps to educate them about the benefits of using a certified arborist for tree trimming and removal work.