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Tree Removal WA by Suburb

Last updated: 20 August 2023

If you're looking for the latest information on local laws regarding tree removal, as well as how much it would cost to remove one of these big guys in your area. You can find all that here!

Do I need a permit to remove a tree in WA?

Tree removal in WA can be a bit confusing, but luckily for you, there are many resources available to help with the process.

The first step would be to go to your local council website and view its Tree Preservation order TPO. Go here to see a list of local councils and links to their TPO’s.

You need to look for exemptions in the document to see if your tree can be removed without a permit. If a permit is needed it will normally take about 2 weeks.

What trees are exempt from needing a permit?

It will depend on your local council in Perth, but in most cases, the below trees will not need a permit to remove the:

  • Dead trees
  • Fallen trees
  • A tree within 3m of the foundations of your home
  • Trees smaller than 3m in height
  • Invasive species

Cost of tree removal in WA

The cost of tree removal in WA will depend on a number of factors including the size of the tree, its location and how hard it is to access with heavy machinery.

The average cost of tree removal in Perth is $1,510, with the real range being $250 to $4,300.

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