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Ben McInerney

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Expertise: Horticulture, Arboriculture
Education: TAFE NSW


My work story begins with a lawn care and garden maintenance business in Sydney’s southwest. While working, I studied Certificate III in Horticulture (Arboriculture) to work exclusively with trees. I started my first business, Busy Bee Mowing and Gardens, at 21 until I found my calling in Arboriculture. After becoming qualified it was a natural progression to sell my mowing run and start Tree Tree Man Arborist Services. Climbing trees for a living is pretty hard work, and after 7 years of running a tree removal service, I wanted something different. Not long after, I founded my first internet business, GoTreeQuotes. I had a lot of knowledge to share on trees, and I noticed that the topic was not covered well or accurately. Plus, I was able to help readers make better decisions when hiring tree surgeons.  


  • Certificate III Horticulture (Arboriculture)

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Trees Are Protected in Australia

Trees in Australia are protected on a state and local council level. These laws and protected trees are outlined in your local council’s Tree Preservation Order or TPO. Trees in Australia are also protected by the Tree Protection Act 2005. It establishes a register of protected trees classified as regulated and registered trees. Trees are […]


Plural: Sprigs A sprig is a small stem or shoot bearing leave or flowers normally as part of a herb shoot. This term is normally used in cooking to refer to small sections taken from herbs normally 2 – 4 inches, such as mint, rosemary or parsley, to use in a recipe or dish. Cultivation […]

Tree removal permit Canton v2

Here is a common situation that many Aussie homeowners like you would find themselves in. Your lot is next to a street or council land with large council-owned trees lining the boundary line. What would happen if such trees had huge branches hanging over your fence or house? Are you allowed to trim or push […]

tree surgeon pruning tree perth

If you’ve been looking for a local tree surgeon, you might have also come across the terms arborist or tree doctor. Tree surgeons know how to safely prune or remove trees, as well as diagnose any health issues and come up with the best treatment methods. As in every occupation, there are frauds. There are […]


This guide is designed to give you an accurate price on what you can expect to be charged for stump removal in your city. The average cost of tree stump removal is $ $225 but can cost anywhere from $75 and $450 for a single stump, depending on its size and location on your property. […]

Tree stump grinding will cost from $60 right up to $900. The national average is $95 per stump. The price difference is determined mostly by the diameter of the stump and the number of stumps, but other factors like access and root spread play a role. Here you will find everything you need to know […]

tree removalist spring winter comparison

A tree removalist is a certified expert who specialises in the trimming or complete removal of trees in suburbia. Otherwise known as an ‘arborist’, tree removalists can charge hefty prices for this highly dangerous job, so it can be hard to land a bargain. By following just some of the advice below you will save […]

arborist removing palm tree on sunshine coast

It is frustrating trying to find a professional tree lopper on the Sunshine Coast, only to keep coming across unqualified gardeners with chainsaws claiming they are arborists. If you want the work done safely, then make sure you hire an expert. But tree services can be expensive. In this article, we show you how to […]

Local tree removal services are not too hard to come by. The difficult part is getting an affordable, honest and reliable one. The problem there is no real incentive for them to do a good job at a great price. A lot of the time they try to cut costs and skip out on clean-up […]

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GoTreeQuotes solves the critical problem of getting your trees lopped on the cheap. Get matched with local tree services through our unique contractor rating system which shows who is well priced NOW in real-time. You see, we get hundreds of quote requests for tree lopping Perth northern suburbs.When a customer fills in our easy online […]

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