Win Council Tenders for Tree Maintenance – Part II

The first interview I did with Jason was very popular with tree services business owners right around Australia. I received so many questions that I thought I might as well get Jason back on for another round of questions.   This time we discuss: Teaming up with other companies to win tenders together. What to

6 Ways to TRIPLE (3x) your Tree Business Profits in 2020

Do you ever notice when driving around that there are some tree services with old banged-up equipment that’s falling apart, and others with a brand new convoy of trucks, chipper, EWP, and traffic control? Ever wonder how they got that big and wish the same for your business? Below is the list of things (in

Arbor industry is getting regulated – Arboriculture Australia […interview]

The idea of arbor industry regulation in Australia has always seemed like a fantasy, but here we stand in 2019 on the precipice of just that thanks to the hard work of Arboriculture Australia. I caught up with the general manager of Arboriculture Australia Roxanne Price, to talk about their licensing program, and how it

What you need to know before hiring a local arborist

Difference between a consulting arborist & regular local arborist A consulting arborist specialises in tree inspections, risk assessment reports and other reports pertaining to the trees health, vigor and amenity value. A regular local arborist normally focuses on the physical management of trees in an urban environment. Both have been taken the same courses up

Strategies to win council tenders for tree maintenance

There is no doubt, that council tenders are a BIG deal for small businesses. If you are able to win one, you have a secure source of work for the next year or two and sets your company up to be able to rapidly expand, getting more equipment and go for even bigger tenders. To

This is how to blow your competition away.

I was chatting with the owner of a great little Sydney based tree business making waves in his service area. I thought this was a MUST share strategy as I know you can all benefit. Note: In the fairness of competition I will not be sharing this companies trading name, nor will I be sharing

7 ways to skyrocket leads/sales with flyer drops

The thing about flyers is… …well they work! They say the reaction to letterbox marketing is about 1%. In my experience, 3% plus is easily achievable. That’s 30 phone calls for every 1000 leaflets. Not bad right? Generally, it cost about $400 per 10,000 flyers. That $1.30 per job lead!! But even at the 1%

Strategic alliances and partnerships

Otherwise known as a strategic partnership, a strategic alliance is not as formal as it sounds. You won't be drawing up contracts. It's just a symbiotic relationship where both you and the other business benefits from using or recommending each other's services. These are happening everywhere. Think of Disney and McDonalds, or Caltex and Woolworths. Strategic

Do Arborists Charge more in Affluent Areas? (Poll Results)

Come on guys, own up… who has tacked on an extra hundred or two because there was a Maserati in the driveway? Jokes aside, this is a serious question I wanted to know the answer to. I figured this subject would have been covered many times, but upon a quick Google search, I turned up

No.1 Factor for customers when choosing a tradie

For some of us, it can be a bit of a mystery why we get the call back from some customers and others not. To take the guesswork out of it for you, we have been surveying customers over the last 3 months and asking them “what factors influence you most when selecting a contractor”.

[PART 2] Google Adwords on a Shoestring Budget

< Back to articles FREE DOWNLOAD: 12 Google Adwords Layout Ideas for Better Conversions In this contractor's corner, we take things to the next level with Google Adwords in our endeavour to slash our spend and increase our ROI. We look at: Match types – Exact match, phrase match, broad match, and modified broad match.

[Part 1] Google Adwords on a Shoestring Budget

What $27,014.79 Google Adwords Spend in 6 Months has taught me No education is free. Over the years, my google Adwords spend has been getting smaller and smaller, yet I manage to be more and more competitive. In this video (the first of a series) I am going to share with you some of the

How To Raise Your Prices And Get MORE Work!

The No. 1 way to increase your company profits is to charge each customer more, thereby increasing the average yield from each job and thus making your business far more profitable. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it…. Are you the TAG or the Swatch Arborist?There is not a

7 Sneaky tricks to dump mulch FREE … and legally!

The reality is, most tree contractors don’t have a yard to dump their mulch to sell on later, and with the cost of dumping at a waste, the station is becoming way too expensive. Here are a few creative ways to dump mulch FREE! Common Ways:No. 1 SchoolsWe all know this one as a good

Turning more quotes into paying customers

The most important part of your tree care business is those few precious minutes you spend in front of a customer when you’re quoting their job. You only have a few short minutes to build rapport and close the deal. Here are some techniques that will help tip the odds in your favour and start

The best marketing strategy of all time

Our friends as Business Blueprint have put together this great short video on the 'best' marketing strategy of all time! well worth a look.

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