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Tree Removal VIC by Suburb

Last updated: 20 August 2023

Jumping to the right city or suburban area is possible with a click of your mouse. You can also see if there are any exemptions from tree removal that might apply, as well as how much it will cost for you in terms of time and money spent on this project!

Do I need a permit to remove trees in Victoria?

There are many rules and regulations for tree removal, but the first step is contacting your local council or relevant authority.

You can also find this information online at the Tree Preservation Order TPO document. Some councils might require one while others won't depending on how big of an area you plan on removing native vegetation from around the house as well size restrictions imposed by law (e.g., no larger than two metres).

What trees are exempt from needing a permit?

Again, it will depend on your local council but in most cases the below trees will not need a permit to remove the:

  • Dead trees
  • Fallen trees
  • A tree within 3m of the foundations of your home
  • Trees smaller than 3m in height
  • Invasive species

Cost of tree removal in VIC

The cost of tree removal in VIC will vary from city to city. Tree removals in Melbourne are more expensive on the east coast, but less so for Ballarat residents compared with those living near Melbourne's central business district (CBD).

The average price per medium-sized shrub/smaller conifer is $1,455 across all Victorian councils - this ranges between $450 and $3 400.

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