Tree removal in Kingston VIC is regulated by the council to maintain the current canopy cover of large trees in the region. They have some easy-to-follow rules so you can quickly identify if your tree needs a permit to remove or if you can just go ahead.

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tree removal kingston council laws and permits

No. You must not remove, damage, destroy, or kill a tree without a permit in Kingston. You must also not allow, direct, or authorise any tree to be removed, killed, damaged, or destroyed without a permit.

This simply means you will need a permit to remove, prune, trim, or lop a tree, either single-stemmed or multi-stemmed, with a trunk circumference of 110 cm or more, measured at its base.

In addition, you must not carry out, allow, direct, or authorise any works near protected trees or vegetation.

Note: This applies to trees on adjacent properties or homes where some tree branches or the entire canopy are overhanging the property line or where roots extend into adjacent properties.

When is a permit not required?

You can remove a tree in the Kingston Council area without a permit if:

  • It has a trunk circumference smaller than 110 centimetres measured at its base.
  • It is a multi-stemmed tree with a circumference equal to or less than 110 centimetres at its exterior stems, measured at its base.
  • The tree is an environmental weed species.

Pro Tip: Always ensure your tree has been identified and measured correctly before removing it or undertaking any work on it. This is because non-compliance with or breaching the local council laws can lead to serious penalties. If you are not sure about your tree trunk’s circumference, contact the Council Vegetation Officers.

Exempt trees

These are trees that can be removed no matter what their size or condition as they are considered a pest by your local council. The above listed conditions do not apply.

Yes, see table below.

Common NameBotanical nameIdentify reference
Mirror BushCoprosma repens
HawthornCrataegus monogyna
Sweet PittosporumPittosporum undulatum

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Significant tree register Kingston

Please follow this link to go to the significant tree register. Your tree may be listed and protected.

Note: “Significant Tree Register” means a register of trees of cultural significance to the council, which the council keeps and maintains.

How to apply for a tree removal permit in Kingston

Go to the above online form and fill it out to make a formal request for tree removal approval.

tree removal using ewp in vic

Permit application process

When making the application, the details should be clearly indicated. Details of the tree to be removed/pruned and location among others.

A fee will be charged per tree and must accompany the permit application. The permit fee is $110 per tree.

However, people who are pensioners with concession cards or any veteran with a gold card will be exempted from the fee.

Written consent from the property owner should also accompany the permit application.

Owner’s consent form-

Once the permit application has been received, the council will go through it, inspect the trees, and issue an approval notice. In some cases, the council may request you to provide more information or a report from an independent arborist.

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Is it illegal to remove protected trees without a permit?


Any removal of protected trees without the necessary permit from the Kingston council is considered an offence. Anyone found guilty of this offence may serve a jail term, pay a fine, replace a tree or do both.

Street tree pruning program

This is a program by the Kingston council to prune street trees at the right time. It is a cycle that runs every two years.

However, apart from this program, once can request the council to maintain trees.

Requesting a street tree pruning

Residents of Kingston council are allowed to request for a street tree in case you are living in a strip where there are no trees or need for addition. The council will review your application or request and respond. If the tree request is approved, then the planting will be done on its annual plantings which happen in May and June.

Requesting for street tree removal

Yes. The council of Kingston can remove a street tree but in rare cases where there is no other solution available this include;

  • A dead tree
  • A dying tree
  • A dangerous tree
  • A tree causing damages to infrastructure such as power lines
  • An undesired species of tree.

Follow the following link to request for removal of a street tree.

Electrical line clearance management plan

It is a plan by the Kingston council that shows how work should be done to clear the way for electrical lines. The plan contains details of areas where there is need for clearance, maps, work to be done, alternative options among other details.

Kingston Council Nature strips

Nature strips are an important part of tree cover in Kingston council. As a result, they are protected due to their environmental and economic benefits.

However, the council does not maintain or renovate nature strips unless in cases where they are considered a threat or become a hazard to the public or property.

Kingston Council free trees

It is an initiative by the council to encourage more tree cover. As a result, the council provides the people with free trees to plant in their areas. However, the council has specific types of trees that should be planted.

It also contains details of how the trees should be planted and taken care of.

Kingston City Council contact details

Phone: 1300 653 356

Mailing Address: PO Box 1000 Mentone, VIC 3194



Kingston City Council Tree Preservation Order - TPO

The above is a summary for your local Councils tree preservation order. Please follow the link for the full document.

This is a summary of the stated council’s Tree Preservation Orders. The above information was accurate at the time of posting, but you should always check with the council before removing trees if you are unsure. The above information deals with trees on private property.

Author: Ben McInerney is a qualified arborist with over 15 years of industry experience. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the tree service industry to give readers to most accurate information on tree service costs and helps to educate them about the benefits of using a certified arborist for tree trimming and removal work.